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Myths about online สล็อต

by Ledger Santana

Are you someone who’s just started playing online สล็อต and are constantly being bombarded with information? We understand that it can get extremely confusing and as a result of you might end up believing a lot of false information regarding online slots. You must’ve heard plenty of online slot myths like slot machines are rigged, the house always wins, hot and cold streaks etc. To your surprise, these are actually not true at all. Through this article we are looking to debunk the most popular slot myths and help you in getting some clarity about online สล็อต.

  • Online slot machines follow a cyclical way of payouts.

Truth: Slot machines payout in a random manner, so cycles can randomly occur, every once in a while.

Slot machines do not payout cyclically. We would strictly advise against predicting the payout of any slot machine. You cannot decide the future of the individual spins provided that the slot machine isn’t somehow rigged.

  • Online slots have hot and cold streaks.

Truth: Slot machine outcomes are 100% random so there is no possibility of any kind of streak.

Every single spin of any slot machine is completely random. Slot machines use a special software called the RNG i.e. Random Number Generator to ensure that every outcome is totally random and unique. So, even if you think you’ve cracked the code of any slot you’re wrong because the outcome is random.

  • Online slot machines are unfair as compared to traditional slots.

Truth: Both online and traditional casinos use a software known as RNG i.e. Random Number Generator.

Since both of them are based on the exact same software you cannot expect one to be better than other. Also, whether you’re playing online or offline, your winnings are going to determined by the RTP i.e. Return to player. So, both online or offline slots are pretty much the same, with only difference being thay online slots give you the convenience of being able to play from anywhere and anytime.

  • Classic: The house always wins.

Truth: This is partially false because there is a small house edge but there’s more to it than you think.

It’s true that the house has some edge. But that is the case with every single casino irrespective of whether it’s online or offline. Your winnings are solely dependent upon the RTP and the holding percentage of any specific casino. For instance the RTP of a slot machine is 95% then that means the casino will return 95% of the money that has been wagered and keep the 5% with itself.

  • You can’t win with bonus money.

Truth: The casino cannot tell whether it’s your money or the bonus money.

Just how each spin is random and you can’t predict the outcome, in the same way the online casino can’t figure put if the money you’ve wagered is your own or from a bonus.

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