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How to Win More สล็อต (Slots): Tricks You Need to Know!

by Ledger Santana

If you want to play slots in a casino, then you need to know the tricks of the trade whether it’s reading a slot machine or getting lucky, you need to know how to win more slots at the casino here are 5 tricks that will help you get a higher payout percentage for your money:

  1. Find out when the best time is
  2. Know your odds
  3. Use a machine with bad odds
  4. Don’t be greedy
  5. Know when to walk away

Play more slots per hour

If you play one machine for the whole time, you’re going to lose when people think of a slot player, they picture someone who spends hours at the machine but, if you do that, you’ll spend a fortune and never win anything you’ll also get bored and frustrated waiting for your lucky machine to finally payout.

So how do you play more slots per hour? There are two ways:

1) play more than one slot at a time

2) play shorter sessions with more machines.

The latter is better because it will allow you to play many different machines in the same amount of time as only one game would take this way, when those machines aren’t paying out well, instead of spending hours on one single game, there will be other games that can save your day.

Also, you’ll have an opportunity to find new slot games that could give you better luck and make your day much better.

Don’t play too often

The สล็อต (Slots) are fun and easy to play, but you can’t win at them if you play too often, they are designed to be addictive, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning a jackpot, you don’t want to gamble all your money away, so make sure you limit how many times you play.

Don’t let the excitement of hitting it big override the common sense if you want to win more slots at the casino make sure to only play when it feels right.

Make sure to use your bonus

The first thing you should know is that when you’re playing slots, it’s a good idea to use your bonus, you might be at the casino with a $100 bill in your pocket, but if you don’t use your bonus and play with it, you’ll be out of money very quickly.

If you want to win more, then use your bonus if you want to do whatever is necessary to increase your odds of winning on the machine, then make sure that you use your bonus.

Hit the max on your favorite pay lines

They are programmed to make you think that you’ve got a chance at winning the truth is, slots are set to pay back around 92 percent of what comes in which means that if the machine has a $100 jackpot, it will be paying out around $92.

To get the most from your money, try playing with your favorite pay lines and hit the max on those lines. You won’t win every time, but you’ll increase your odds of getting at least one payout.

If you want to buy more time on the machine, try going for low-value bets first if you’ve got 25 credits left and only have a 50 cent bet available, go ahead and play your 25 credits on this game because it will result in more losses than the higher-value games which have lower jackpots.

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